I'm Jim Lung, a Product Designer using team collaboration with inclusive design to bridge the gap between users and products.

I am located in the Washington, DC, area where I work at Symplicity Corporation where my focus is on User Experience/User Interface Design, Frontend Engineering, and WCAG Accessibility. I work with wonderful teams on exciting products like Accommodate, Advocate, Residence, Insight, Voice, and the Symplicity Design System.

I LOVE what I do because I get to wear many hats! I get to apply a healthy dose of art and science on a daily basis! As a Human-Centered UX designer, I get to collaborate with our users, and my teammates, to discover what is truly needed to make their lives better. As a UI designer, I get to craft interfaces for highly complex systems that are streamlined and easy-to-use. As a Frontend Engineer and Accessibility Guru, I get to bring both the UI and UX to life in a way that is highly accessible and easy to build upon. It's all about making cool things that I am proud of while touching the lives of others in positive and meaningful ways.

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